We introduce new technologies

Prices in the dental clinic «Dentist» have not grown since 2014!

Our dental clinic “Dantist” deals with solving the urgent problems of modern dentistry primarily connected with the appearance of tooth decay and its complication. This is due to the prevalence rate of this disease which can lead to the risk of development of various odontogenic complications, appearance of areas of chronic infection significantly affecting the overall health status of patients.

That is why all efforts of the doctor are aimed towards early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and prophylaxis of tooth decay using the latest technologies and materials. At the same time the use of modern materials and technologies requires a high level of competence from the doctor which includes knowledge of material properties and tools, accurate diagnosis, good manual skills, an ability to use new methods, tools, apparatuses.

The dental clinic “Dantist” is constantly updated with new technologies in dental practice, required for their high quality performance and use of appropriate anesthesia. The doctors use high quality, certified anesthetic medications. The application of these drugs for dental treatment provides a quality anesthesia with the high hypoallergenic effect and the low rate of side-effects. The combination of high activity and low toxicity enables to use them for treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women.

Our doctors know perfectly how to work with the light hardening restorative materials, providing a possibility of achieving a high aesthetic result. Patient requirements on dental restoration have changed significantly and today the aesthetics of material is of high importance because it improves appearance and self-confidence. All these factors contribute to enhancing of a desirable image.

The process of hardening occurs under the influence of light made by a special lamp. This enables the doctor to spend a certain period of time on molding a filling. The high adhesion between the material and dental tissues has made possible the build-ups of teeth even in case of major defects. A base of the material is a unique nanotechnology combining an excellent strength and natural shine. A large variety of shades allows to reproduce natural colors of teeth.

Today the dental clinic “Dantist” provides the world-class dental care. Our rooms are outfitted with modern equipment such as convenient devices, apex locators (used to determine a tooth end), ultra-sound machines for dental calculus removal. The doctors know perfectly how to use advanced methods and technologies of high-quality materials, guaranteeing such basic patients’ requirements as painlessness, aesthetic quality, durability of dental works.
When seeking dental treatment a patient receives professional doctor’s advice concerning the condition of dental hard tissues, mucous membranes. The creation of a treatment plan includes the list of all the existing diseases of the particular patient.

We aim at doing a result-oriented work based on the maximum measure of assistance in a single visit, until the full mouth debridement followed by fabrication of dental prosthesis. The price of prophylaxis methods and remedies is much lower than the price of the already occured dental diseases and is available for patients with any income. That’s why regular visits to our dental clinic “Dantist” at least once in six months will help children and adults to protect beauty and health of their teeth.

We continue the follow-up procedure of patients who received the course of dental treatment in the clinic “Dantist”.

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