Dental implant procedures

Dental implant procedures

The dental clinic “Dantist” closely collaborate with the Swiss company Ihde Dental AG founded in 1954. For over 30 years Ihde Dental AG has been developing and producing dental implants.

Ihde Dental AG is a world leader in dental implantology and tissue regeneration that has a tremendous experience in producing dental implants.

An immediately loaded implant or a basal implant procedure is a method of chewing function restoration from 3 to 10 days with the help of specific implants.

An immediately loaded implant procedure is one of the most advanced technologies of tooth alignment. A basal implant procedure allows to achieve good results without grafting bone tissues. In addition, the advantage of this method is a narrow range of contraindications.

  • in the protocol of immediate load
  • without augmentation (grafting) of bone tissue
  • without sinus lifting (without grafting an upper jaw bone tissue)
  • without rejection of an implant

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