About our clinic

Today a civilized person regards visits to a dentist as a regular and compulsory procedure. And, generally, having chosen our clinic and the doctor once he/she keeps the same route. Our city has the reliable dental clinic!

OOO “Dental Clinic “Dantist”” s highly appreciated by the patients. Apart from high quality services and high-class professionals we offer quite reasonable prices. In fact, our price policy is pleasantly surprising as well as the use of modern equipment and advanced technologies of treatment. For example, a unique method of metal ceramic bridges fabrication without preparation of abutment teeth. Now everyone can have a beautiful smile because the number of high-class dental treatment facilities increased in the city.

For 20 years thousands of patient of Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast, Russian Federation as well as the patients of neighboring and far foreign countries have been receiving treatment in the dental clinic “Dantist”. Our guest book is full of grateful comments written by those whom the doctors have helped to cure sore teeth, correct crooked teeth and solve the loss of teeth by fabricating prostheses if needed. As a result, the private life of patients changed for better or they got promoted just because they started to smile.

Healthy and beautiful teeth perfectly reflect the quality of life and according to dentists are a key to physical wellness. A healthy smile, being a result of regular visits to the doctor, is the constant part of a successful person. The smile helps to keep in contact or get acquainted with the right people as well as freely communicate with them. In any part of the world, speaking with “the language of smile” you can express a wide variety of feelings: love, joy, happiness, an awkward confusion, a slight disappointment or a friendly humor. Let the smile shine with the awkward gaps only in the dentist’s room and outside the doors the mouth must be well-cared. And it means that without a regular visit to a dentist, the right and seccessful communication using “the language of smile” is impossible.

The first part of successis the correct work of a dentist directed to managing your personal needs. This is a precise guideline and operating algorithm of the clinic that makes your communication with the dentists of “Alternative” convenient: friendly and smiling staff, a pleasant atmosphere of halls that makes you feel almost like home, a preliminary scheduled appointment which exclude a long waiting process, availability of all the necessary information about the clinic activities.

The second part of success is the high professional level of dentists. And if the theater begins with a hanger then the clinic – with a reception. All our managers received medical education. In a short time communication by the phone or right at the clinic center they will determine the direction of your treatment.

A highly professional dentist is a person of not only deep knowledge being improved by constant training courses at institutions of Moscow, Europe, Israel but also work experience which means to be able to use the most advanced and effective methods. A great personality of a doctor is an essential part of successful treatment. He must be polite, attentive, being able to encourage and calm down the patient, to make an accurate diagnosis and to develop an individual step-by-step plan of treatment, that will be absolutely painless and safe because we use disposable tools and materials having been examinated according to antiAIDS and anti-hepatitis programmes. We are proud that among our dentists there are professionals with worldwide recognition. At our clinic all the steps of your treatment are recorded in details. And don’t forget to book a free appointment six months after your treatment. Our managers will remind you about it.

The third part of successis modern equipment and materials. The equipment can be both diagnostic and therapeutic.

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