Guidelines for using removable dental prosthesis

The process of adjusting to removable prosthesis is difficult and lasts for 30-40 days in general.
In the beginning dental prosthesis may cause nausea, excessive salivation, incoherent speech, the loss of taste sense, a reduced ability of biting and chewing food. In the process of adjustment all this discomfort gradually disappears.
The prosthesis should be worn and shouldn’t be removed while speaking or having meals. It is not recommended to use prosthesis in case of intense pain.

During the period of adjustment it is better to remain in prosthesis when going to sleep, having cleaned them beforehand.

The prosthesis should be systematically washed with soap and cold water and cleaned with tooth brush and paste not less then 2 times a day from external surface ( the one that contacts mouth cavity).

When keeping the prosthesis out of the mouth cavity always ensure that it is clean. It is also recommended to keep it in a special box. In order to clean the internal surface of the prosthesis immerse it in water and use cleaning tablets which are available in pharmacies.

In the beginning avoid hard and sticky food. When having a meal choose the side which is more convenient to use for chewing. Also make sure that the pieces of food are not big.

Wearing prosthesis may cause the pain in mucous membrane. In such cases remove the prosthesis and apply for a doctor for correction. Before visiting the doctor keep the prosthesis in the mouth at least for 2-3 hours in order to determine the reason of pain.

For better adjustment to the prosthesis and speech restoration (articulation) it is recommended to read aloud.

Apply the following salves to the damaged areas of mucous membrane: sea-buckthorn and calendula formulas, solkoseril Dental, mundizol gel. Also rinse your mouth cavity with camomile, calendula, salvia, oak tinctures.

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