Individual approach to prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is one of the technologies that focuses on replacement of a missing tooth if there is no chance to place a filling. Modern dentistry provides patients with effective methods to achieve the maximum similarity between artificial and natural teeth. The use of ceramics and other advanced materials guarantees the strength and duralability of the fabricated prostheses.
With the ability of prosthetic procedure it is possible to solve such problems as:

  • a measurable destruction of the tooth
  • missing of one or more teeth after an injury
  • a scheduled or an emergency tooth extraction

In such case it is possible to apply several strategies which must be explained to the patient before the procedure of treatment starts. Today almost every case can be solved with more than one way. That is why it is important to visit a reliable clinic which staff knows the advanced technologies. So, taking into an account the specific circumstances of the particular case a doctor may offer you either removable or fixed prostheses. The first is basically chosen for restoring a chewing tooth whereas the second way requires fabrication of a fixed crown. Every method is specified with its nuances which can be discussed during the personal doctor advice.

According to professionals without an early prosthetics of teeth the condition of the mouth cavity can become worse in general. A common consequence of the tooth loss is a dislocation of an adjustment tooth or even a loss of the antagonist located on an opposite jaw. In addition, the evidence of cosmetological effect becomes visible expecially if it concerns the loss of a front tooth. There is also a probability of mouth diseases and inflammations. Today all these and other problems can be solved and, what is more, the use of metal ceramics allows to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

A prosthetic procedure guarantees an individual approach to every patient concerning not only prosthesis fabrication but also a possibility to choose the right method that prevents from any bad consequences. Having rich practical experience and a high degree of professionalism our experts manage to develop the most effective plan of treatment. The patients are offered several advanced methods as well as they are informed about price differences and expected results. That is why they make a deliberate and reasonable choice.

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